If you are looking for modern vertical blinds in Central Coast that allows enough light to enter a room, you can’t go past vertical blinds. The modern, clean lines are often referred to as slats, are designed so you can easily adjust the blind to help control sunlight entering your home or office.

Why Vertical?

Vertical Blinds are percent for larger windows, such as sliding doors, as they are made to accommodate these types of windows. Vertical blinds are the best window covering solution as they are easy to clean and maintain, by dusting or vacuuming. However, be sure to follow all instructions before cleaning your new blinds. Another appeal of vertical blinds is they ensure privacy in your home. Due to the size of the slats, you can be sure you won’t have any nosy neighbours looking into your home.

Perfect for Summer

Summertime in Melbourne is notoriously hot and can make the temperature in any room rise quickly. With our wide range of high-quality blinds, you are in complete control of how much sunlight you want entering your home. As they are easy to adjust, light can subtly or immensely enter your home as needed during the day.

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Vertical Blinds

No! Most vertical blinds no longer have the dangling chains along the bottom now. They’ve been phased out due to child and pet safety. Modern blinds now have a weight sewn in the bottom to ensure the blind stays straight.
To an extent. Vertical blinds allow you to adjust the amount of light that enters your room and allows privacy when closed. However, they will not block out all the light. Adding blackout drapes over the top would give you more control over the light.
Yes! While vertical blinds were popularised in the 80s and 90s, they are still a very popular option. They are extremely versatile, allow you to control the amount of light, and are great for large spaces.