Day & Night Blinds are a great choice when it comes to combining versatility and light control, as well as protecting your privacy. The sheer fabric allows you to control the amount of natural light coming in, without obstructing the view or making privacy at stake. You can opt for a zebra day-night blind for complete use throughout the day and night. It uses just one fabric to move the horizontal panels for controlling day and night.
Factory Blinds and Plantation Shutters offer high-quality day-night blinds in Melbourne, Sydney, and New Castle. We consider all aspects when offering window treatment solutions for your home.

Types of Day-Night Blinds in Melbourne

Our made-to-measure day and night blinds provide the option of taking in the sunlight during the day while allowing total seclusion in the evening. A large range of day-night blinds of different types are available in Melbourne, Sydney, and New Castle areas.
The top three types of day-night blinds available in Melbourne are-

Day Night Roller Blinds

It is a special type of roller blinds in which a double-layered fabric goes up the front and back of a tube. The double-layered fabric gives the possibility of both uncovering and darkening your room.

Day Night Zebra Blinds

Also known as duo blinds or vision blinds,this type of blinds has alternating stripes of material. Its light-filtering stripes enable you to see outside and the opaque stripes provide you with privacy and room darkening.

Day And Night Vertical Blinds

As compared to other types of day-night blinds, vertical blinds have some privacy vulnerabilities that outsiders can exploit during the day and night. It is possible to see through vertical blinds at night and outsiders can watch inside the house from an angle.

Advantages of Day and Night Blinds

Day-night blinds are highly versatile for controlling light and increasing privacy. As compared to other types of window treatments in Melbourne, day-night blinds offer more control over light and privacy during the day and the night.
Some of the biggest advantages of day-night blinds are-

  • The possibility of a change of intensity of natural light entering the room
  • The possibility of darkening and uncovering your room
  • Perfect match with the room’s appearance and existing arrangement
  • High level of privacy control during the day and night
  • Dual-purpose blinds with functional efficiency for darkening the room

How to Choose Day-Night Blinds for Your Melbourne Home?

Functionality and practicality make day-night blinds the perfect choice for your home in Melbourne. Some useful tips on choosing the right day-night blinds include-

  • Consider the humidity and insulation of your room
  • Keep the height, width, and situation of windows with the height of ceilings
  • Think of privacy management and light-filtering needs of your home
  • Opt for motorised day-night blinds for more convenience and automation
  • Select custom-made day-night blinds in Melbourne for the perfect match with your room’s arrangements
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Day Night Blinds Installation and Maintenance

At Factory Blinds and Plantation Shutters, you can get professional installation services in Melbourne, Newcastle, and Sydney.

  • Measure your window
  • Mark the positions for holes
  • Attach the necessary brackets
  • Install the Blinds
  • Safety device planning
  • Establish the safety cleat

You can follow these maintenance tips for your day-night blinds for ensuring their long life.

  • Use a duster and clean day-night blinds gently
  • A soft and pliable duster is fine for zebra blinds
  • Schedule maintenance from a reputed company
  • Never use a vacuum cleaner or soak night blinds in water
  • Never use a brush on day-night blinds

Why Choose Us for Day Night Blinds in Melbourne?

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Factory Blinds and Plantation Shutters, you can get a vast range of day-night blinds of three different types- zebra day-night blinds, roller day-night blinds, and vertical day-night blinds.
When you clean day-night blinds, never use a vacuum cleaner. Also, never soak your day-night blinds in water or use a brush.
Day-night blinds in Melbourne are useful for protecting privacy and controlling natural light from entering your room. Apart from these benefits, day-night blinds can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your room.