Venetian blinds are one of the most popular blinds on the market. The warm appearance of timber combined with functionality makes them an ideal solution for any room in a home or office. These blinds allow you to filter how much light you want to enter a room and maintain privacy with easy use.

Quality Timber

Our Venetian blinds are made from quality timber that add a vintage and antique feel to any home. Sourced from leading suppliers, our Venetian blinds have been coated in premium paints and coating to ensure longevity as well as protection on the timber.

Cleaning Made Easy

One of the big appeal factors about timber Venetian blinds is the ease in which they can be cleaned and maintained. For best results, use either a soft brush, duster or vacuum and gently brush off all dust and dirt then polish the timber with furniture polish.

Our range of timber Venetian blinds are the perfect mix of design and functionality and come in a beautiful array of colours. To view our full range, get in touch with Factory Blinds today by calling us on 1300 550 552 or visit our showroom.


Venetian Blinds

Yes! Timber is a very dense wood, which makes it very strong and long lasting.
Yes! Timber Venetian Blinds are the best with heat and energy efficiency. When closed, they’ll keep the heat in during Winter and the cool in during Summer. Aluminium Venetian Blinds are great at blocking the light, but aren’t as efficient at blocking temperatures as Timber.
Firstly, the different sized slats are for aesthetic purposes. Choose which size you like the look of best! But functionally, the size of the slats changes the view you have out the window. The larger the slats, the clearer view you will have.
Oddly, not so much. While Venetian Blinds were used in Venice, they’re thought to have actually originated in Persia and brought to Italy by Venetian merchants. Styles of Venetian Blinds have also been found in Ancient Egypt and China.

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